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2 Important Steps to Keep Your Honeywell Humidifier Running Smoothly this Winter


We all know the feeling that comes with poor humidity in our homes.  Soar throats, stuffy noses and dry parching air.  So to avoid all that discomfort here are a few simple steps to help keep your humidifier running smoothly through the winter.   

#1 First, change your pad before the heating season begins and again as necessary throughout the winter.  A new pad will ensure proper air flow, water distribution and optimal performance.  As the heating season continues and your humidifier has been in use for a while the pad will begin to break down and become coated with calcium deposits. This is a great time to replace the pad to keep your humidifier working at peak performance.  Depending on where you live and the severity of the winter you may make it through the heating season on one pad.  Or you may need to change your pad multiple times.  Your water condition can also play a role in how slow or fast your humidifier develops sluggish build up.  If necessary, there are water treatment systems to help with hard water issues.  

#2 Second, clean your humidifier as necessary throughout the heating season and make sure the water can drain properly.  Some humidifiers have auto cleaning features.  But for most models you will want to open the cover and make sure there is no build up of calcium deposits on the pad frame, the drain port or the water distribution tray.  If there are you will need to rinse them in hot water to remove the build up.  It is particularly important to clean out the drain at the bottom of the frame that houses the pad and the humidifier bottom drain hole where the excess water will drain through.  It is also a good idea to make sure that the drain line exiting the humidifier is free of build up and water can flow freely to the end drainage point.  If you have a condensation pump to push the excess water to a remote drain you should make sure it is in good working order.  Remember that it is a big no-no to pipe a humidifier drain line to an external location (outside of home - above grade).  In freezing weather it will ice the line and cause water to back up and over flow.  

Here is a quick link to many replacement humidifier pads, parts and accessories that will help you keep your Honeywell humidifier in tip top shape.  

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