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Can I Use a Honeywell Media Filter in my Electronic Air leaner?


(This is part of an ongoing series where we will post answers to the most frequently asked questions we receive from our customers.)

We often get asked if it is possible to use a Honeywell media air filter in an electronic air cleaner cabinet.  And the answer is, yes, it is perfectly acceptable.  The most common reason to do this is if your EAC has broken and you opt not to have it repaired.  Remember that in the majority of cases you will only need one media filter to replace the two cells that operate in your EAC.  So, when ordering a Honeywell FC100A or FC200E filter be sure to order the size that will slide in the center track and fill the entire cabinet.  The better of the two choices is the FC200E Honeywell filter (MERV 13), although either option will not be capable of matching the filtration levels of your EAC, particularly at the lowest micron levels. If your pre filters and/or post filters are in good shape be sure to set them off to the side in a dry, protected place in case you ever repair or replace your EAC and nee to use them again.  It is not necessary or recommended to use these accessories with a media air filer as it could place too great a restriction on the air flow in your system if used in tandem.  It is also recommended to turn off the power to the EAC while it is not being operated.   

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