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FC200E1003 16X20 Air Filter (4 Pack)

  • Honeywell FC200E1003 16x20 MERV13 pleated media air filter for use with heat pump, furnace or air conditioner.
  • Honeywell FC200E1003 16x20 MERV13 pleated media air filter for use with heat pump, furnace or air conditioner.
  • Honeywell FC200E1003 16x20 MERV13 pleated media air filter for use with heat pump, furnace or air conditioner.

FC200E1003 (4PK)
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Product Description

Honeywell FC200E1003, 16" X 20" X 4", MERV 13, Media Air Filter.  (Actual Dimensions - 15-7/8" X 19-7/8" X 4-3/8").
This pack of four (4) air filters can be installed in all Honeywell 16x20 media air cleaners.

The Honeywell FC200E media air filter is the replacement filter for all Honeywell F200E media air cleaners.  It can also be used in Honeywell F100, F150, F50 and F300 air cleaners.  This high efficiency filter is rated MERV 13.


blue-arrow.pngThe fact that you’re reading this is a great sign!  It means that you’ve remembered to change your Honeywell air filter.  And if you happen to be a bit behind schedule, don’t worry; no one is going to call the filter police!  Lets face it, changing an air filter is not very exciting and doesn’t rank highly amongst our daily priorities.  So it’s easy to forget or put off doing.  But routinely replacing your air filter is an essential step in maintaining the air quality in your home.  It’s easy to forget that much of our time is spent inside our homes, making it all the more vital to ensure that the air we are breathing is as clean, healthy and as purified as possible.  Honeywell media air filters can help to remove dust, pollen and many allergens from the air in your home.  They also capture pet dander, smoke, airborne mold, bacteria and other irritants.  The Honeywell FC200E1003 16X20 air filter is an excellent choice for those wanting a superior level of filtration, suffering from allergies and for homeowners with pets.  

Clean air filters also help to keep your furnace, heat pump and air conditioner operating efficiently.  Plus, dirty air filters lead to restricted airflow, which can cause damage to your system.  And we all want to avoid paying more for our heating and cooling or for service repairs.   

To make changing your filter as painless as possible we recommend ordering multi packs.  Just having an extra filter on hand when it’s replacement time makes it easier.  We also recommend ordering replacement filters as soon as you slide your last one into the air cleaner.  It helps to clearly mark your air cleaner with the model number and size.  A black permanent marker is a great tool for this job.  Printing out and taping your last order receipt to the air cleaner or ductwork is another great idea.  It keeps all your model number info and our contact details handy. We also send out air filter replacement reminders in the spring and fall.  So if you would like an email reminder just make sure to join our email list!  And don't forget to bookmark our website!    

Order your Honeywell replacement air filters today and rest assured that you have taken a great step toward protecting your family’s health by improving the air quality in your home. 


Replacement: Honeywell recommends this air filter be replaced every 6 to 12 months for maximum efficiency and effectiveness.  For best results, we recommend replacing your Honeywell air filter twice per year, typically before the heating and cooling seasons.  The life expectancy of the air filter may be reduced by the external environment and/or conditions inside the home.  Aviod getting the air filter wet and replace it immediately if it becomes damp from condensation or any external water source.  Media air filters should never be washed!  Vacuuming the filter is not recommended.  New Honeywell air filters are snow white in appearance.  Normally, as they age they will first turn an off white color, then transition to a light grey, followed by a dark grey color.  It is highly recommended to change your air filter if it is dark grey or black in appearance.  Prolonged use of dirty air filters can restrict airflow and cause damage to your heating or cooling system.


Filter Replacement Guide

Media Air Cleaner Info Sheet

Media Air cleaner Operating Guide



  • Application: Replacement Filter

  • Used With: Honeywell F100, F150, F200, F25, F35, F50 and F300 Air Cleaners.

  • Efficiency Standard: Efficiency ratings are based on American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers Standard 52.2-1999.

  • Efficiency Standard: Efficiency ranges are defined for small particles, E1=0.3 to 1.0 microns; medium particles, E2=1.0 to 3.0 microns; and large particles, E3=3.0 to 10.0 microns.

  • Fractional Efficiency: E1=63%, E2=90%, E3=97%

  • Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value (Media Filters Only): MERV 13

  • Static Pressure Drop (in. w.c.): 0.28 at 500 FPM

Nominal Dimensions:
16 x 20 x 4
Exact Dimensions:
15 7/8 x 19 7/8 x 4 3/8
Static Pressure Drop:
Product Life:
6-12 months.
OEM Honeywell:
Can I use this in my electronic air cleaner cabinet:
Yes. You can use this filter to replace the components in your electronic air cleaner. You should also remove any pre or post filters.
Which way should the arrow point:
The replacement filters have an arrow with the words Air Flow on them. This arrow should be pointing in the direction of air flow (or towards the furnace).
What is the filter made of:
Honeywell high-effiiciency Media Air Filters are generally made of cellulose or polypropolene media glued to a cardboard frame with a metal structural backing.
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